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Siobhan - Founder of Primrose Tuition

Hi I'm Siobhan!

Mother of 2 young boys and the founder of Primrose Tuition.

I am also an experienced teacher and private tutor who is passionate about helping students succeed in their learning, and supporting them in building the confidence needed to succeed.

With over 15 years' experience in education and hundreds of hours teaching primary children just like yours, I have created a framework for success with proven results.

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Primrose Tuition - Outwood Wakefield

Looking for help with your child's schoolwork? 

I have helped hundreds of primary children to build their confidence and change the way they feel about maths and English.

One of the top concerns parents have is that their children lack confidence in their maths and/or English abilities and don’t enjoy the subjects.


At Primrose Tuition, I help students to raise their confidence and adopt a positive attitude to learning so that they feel able to tackle these subjects head-on, rather than avoiding them or feeling fear around maths and English.


This helps to prepare children for secondary school and SATs exams.

If you are looking for a tutor to help you with your child's English and maths, please get in touch.

Primrose Tuition - Results like these

Professional & Fun

My 6 year old son has just had an online session and loved it, Siobhan was really professional and also made it fun for Oliver, I would highly recommend Primrose Tuition, thank you so much Siobhan." 

Becky W

What Happy Students & Parents Say

Roadmap to Success

Here's my Roadmap with a detailed breakdown of my 6 steps to success.

Which is why my students go from:

  • Lacking confidence

  • Working below age expectations

  • Disliking maths and English and struggling with the work


  • Being confident in their abilities

  • Working at the 'expected' level and beyond for their age group

  • Actually enjoying the subject they once hated

  • Becoming more efficient in maths or English, armed with strategies and techniques to enable them to complete calculations quicker and/or read more fluently

Let's Take Your Child's Learning to the Next Level