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Siobhan - Founder of Primrose Tuition

Once the confidence block is out of the way, there really is no ceiling to a child’s potential.


How exciting is that?

I have helped hundreds of primary children to build their confidence and change the way they feel about maths and English.


I understand the various ways that children learn, how to keep them focused and engaged, and the strategies and methods that are most beneficial in exams.


Over the last 15 years, I have worked in education, including 9 years in primary schools, 3 years in further education and private training, as well as running Primrose Tuition since November 2019.


I am highly passionate about teaching and building children’s confidence. I went into teaching ready to dedicate my life to changing children’s learning experiences and building their confidence and self-belief in their own abilities.

Instead, I was highly disappointed to find that it was impossible to help every child on an individual basis, along with everything else that comes with being a classroom teacher.

Frustrated with the system, I decided to set up Primrose Tuition for primary children.


Since then, I have had the amazing opportunity to see my students really flourish and come into their own in their lessons.


From teaching children to read in less than 2 hours, helping children go from always getting scores of 0 in spelling tests to 100%, increasing children’s speed of times table recall to just a few seconds per question, and after as little as one lesson taking children from being reluctant learners to actually being excited about learning, and even independently choosing to complete their homework, instead of tantrums and battles.

If you want to find a way for your child to enjoy learning calmly and confidently, without the stress, pressure, and overwhelm, then you’re in the right place.

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