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Marvellous Mathematicians

Maths Group Programme

You’re a busy, professional, and hands-on mum with a full-on career or business. You work around your child as best you can, so that you can be fully present when they're around.

You want that time with them to be quality time. But you also value education and appreciate what impact learning can have on their future.

So you do your best to help your child with their homework, reading, spelling, and projects. Especially after a year of lost learning. Catching up is more vital than ever.

Then come the tantrums, the frustration, the arguments, the tears. Homework is not always a pleasant experience for you or them.

You use all your remaining energy to try to motivate and encourage them, at times unsuccessfully. You imagined that homework would be easier than this.

You question why they are so reluctant to complete the work. In all other subjects, your child is ‘academic’ and achieves good results at school, but there’s one subject that they particularly struggle in.

The one that they always seem to be graded as ‘working towards’. The one that they just can’t seem to get their head around and fully grasp.


They believe that they're not good at it. They become anxious about the work and tests. Just as they're starting to get somewhere with it, the topic changes and the class moves on to the next one.

It’s like a never-ending revolving door. And as each year goes by, the work gets more challenging. Grasping the subject seems further and further out of reach.

You’re worried about high school and how they’ll cope with the work. You know that if they could just get to the ‘expected’ level, they'd be fine. But you don’t know how to help them.

You’ve tried numerous textbooks and websites, you might even have tried private tuition, but nothing seems to make a difference.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to help.

My group programme is specifically designed to build your child’s confidence and help them gain a good grasp on their learning. I focus on filling the gaps and building your child’s foundational knowledge so that they can cope with the more challenging work.

And most importantly, it’s all at their own pace. My proven methods have been tested time and time again and have delivered amazing results.

Let me take away those tantrums, tears, and homework dramas for you, and help your child towards a calmer and more confident experience of maths.

Who the Marvellous Mathematicians programme is for

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