My Top 10 Favourite Resources to Prepare for High School

Updated: Jul 20

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If your child is getting ready to head into year 7, starting secondary school for the first time, you might be wondering how you can best prepare them and maintain study momentum. My clients have been asking for my book recommendations for preparing for year 7, so here is my round-up of my favourite year 7 books.


Collins KS3 Maths Year 7 Workbook

This workbook is a great revision tool. The structure of the questions in the Collins books are similar to the kinds of exam questions they will meet later down the line. I love how the book includes progress trackers so you can quickly identify any areas that your child is struggling with and focus on those. There's also helpful tips and the answers are included at the back so they're useful to be used at home.

CGP Key Stage Three Mathematics Year 7 Targeted Workbook

These workbooks enable your child to ease into each topic and work up to the more challenging questions, which is perfect for learning new topics and cementing old concepts.

Children enjoy using the CGP books as they're well illustrated and aesthetically pleasing for visual learners. They're also not too busy or chokka block with questions which can be overwhelming.

There's a handy progress and confidence checker section at the bottom of each page so that children can note areas that they found more challenging to focus on further. The answer pages are well written with working out included to identify any mistakes or misunderstandings. Finally, there are handy review pages after each topic to recap on learning and identify any gaps or areas for development.

CGP Key Stage Three Mathematics Year 7 10-Minute Weekly Workouts

I love these short and sharp workouts designed to be done once a week for just ten minutes. The questions build up nicely to ease children in and end with a problem solving question which is a particularly useful skill to be practicing on a regular basis!

The book is structured by term but the workouts can actually be done in any order, so you can align with whatever your child's school is teaching at the time. The answers are included at the end along with a lovely score sheet to keep track of progress.

CGP Key Stage Three Mathematics The Study Guide

These guides are beautiful books to start learning the year 7 concepts and great as a revision tool too. The topics are broken down into small chunks with attractive illustrations to capture your child's attention. There is clear working out and examples to demonstrate each method as well as some practice questions at the bottom of each page (with answers at the back to check). Easy to follow in handy bite-size chunks and available in both foundation and higher levels.


CGP Key Stage Three English The Study Guide

A great revision guide and introduction to year 7 English. As always with CGP the illustrations and layout of each page is perfect for visual learners and broken down into digestible chunks. There are handy summary questions to recap on what has been taught in the book. I find them particularly useful for independent learning.

CGP Key Stage Three English The Workbook

This workbook complements the English study guide perfectly. A lovely range of question types from multiple choice to rewriting passages of text.

I'd recommend writing the answers on a notepad as there is limited room to write within the workbook. However, like other CGP workbooks, they're not too busy offering a manageable amount of questions for a study session.

Answers are included and the content of the book is easy to follow to practice those English skills further.

CGP Key Stage Three Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar The Study Guide

I love how this guide is packed with examples to really drum home the SPaG concepts. There's also a handy glossary with examples and summary questions after each topic to enable children to apply the skills they've learned (answers are included at the back too). Child-friendly illustrations make this guide easy to understand and the clear language is suitable for self-study.

CGP Key Stage Three Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 10-Minute Tests

These tests are great for practicing snippets of SPaG each week and are a refreshing change to the standard spelling test. There are standalone and mixed tests which really helps to hone in any more challenging areas. There is also a handy progress chart with advice on what to do next based on individual test scores and answers are included for marking.

This book is great for children who are going into Year 7 or just need to recap the spelling, punctuation and grammar for Year 7 in short bursts. Short revision snippets each week are great for children who struggle to focus or lack motivation in English as they're less overwhelming than some of the busier textbooks.

CGP Key Stage Three Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar The Workbook

Practical activities with a variety of question types to keep children engaged come as standard in this book. The questions are easy to understand and space is provided to write directly into the workbook. Hints and tips are included throughout the book as well as the answers to the questions.

I like to use these workbooks alongside the study guides as they complement one another really well, enabling children to practice and implement their spelling, punctuation and grammar skills.

Making the transition from primary to secondary school is a big step for everyone, but the curriculum needn't be something that your child finds daunting. By dipping their toes into the content that they can expect to learn over the next academic year they will be well prepped for what lies ahead.

I would recommend some light reading and practice questions over the summer to keep progress ticking over, but of course we all need a break from work, children included. A blend of Year 7 prep and rest and rejuvenation is the ideal healthy balance during the holidays.

For children who need a recap of the Year 6 topics, check out my book recommendations here.

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