My Top 13 Favourite Resources for Year 6

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Here are my book recommendations for Year 6 children. You may also find these books useful if your child is going into Year 6 or if your child has just finished Year 6 but is 'working towards' in maths or English.


Target Your Maths Year 6

I love the Target Your Maths range. These textbooks are jam-packed with questions to give your child plenty of practice and really secure their understanding of each topic. Each page is segmented into three sections: roughly covering previous learning from year 5, questions suitable for year 6 pupils and extension questions to challenge children further.

Please note that the answers are sold separately. There is also a workbook available (sold separately) with further questions that can be answered directly into the book.

Scholastic 10-Minute SATs Tests Maths Ages 10-11 (Year 6)

The 10-minute test books cover all the papers that your child will face in their maths SATs and are delivered in bite-size chunks of 12 mini tests - which is always a great way to revise without the overwhelm.

You can use these tests to get a feel for the kinds of questions that your child will be asked in the SATs papers. They're also useful to highlight any areas of development and further revision.

The book also comes with a mark scheme, skills check and progress chart so they're ideal for use at home and enable you to identify the scores that your child is currently working at.

CGP Key Stage Two Maths Workout Year 6

This book goes well with the CGP study book below. The activities are well-structured, clear and easy to understand. Children enjoy working through these books and they are great for short, quick bursts of additional maths practice. Children can write directly into these books and the answers are included at the back for marking and checking progress.

CGP Key Stage Two Maths Year 6 Targeted Study Book

This Study Book is clearly written with examples included, making revision a doddle. I love the colourful illustrations too, which encourage children to remain engaged whilst working through the book.

Each page is laid out well with just the right amount of information to refresh your child's memory of each topic, without engulfing them with too much information.

There are simple progress checkers included at the bottom of each page to help your child identify the topics they feel secure or less confident in. You'll also find practice questions so that your child can implement and practice what they've learned, revise and check their understanding of each topic. The questions become more challenging as they progress through the book and there are 'greater depth' questions included too, to stretch children further.

CGP Key Stage Two Maths Mental Workout Year 6

Children find these books helpful for improving their mental maths skills which is an essential skill that children need to learn. Mental maths isn't something that can be done once and not revisited for months, rather it is a skill that should be regularly practiced in order to improve fluency in maths.

These books contain lots of activities and provide great practice for SATs tests. Real life and word problems feature well. These are common problems that children struggle with but are also common questions in exams.

You will find 'Time Yourself' tests within these books which will demonstrate your child's speed and fluency improving as they progress through the book. Answers are included too.

CGP Key Stage Two Maths Year 6 Targeted Question Book

Another book that complements the CGP Study Guide well is this Targeted Question Book, also from CGP. With a nice number of activities to keep children on track this book is ideal for SATs practice whilst giving your child the opportunity to work through the questions at their own pace.

I have found that Year 6 children enjoy the test-style questions as they are easy to understand and helpful for practising and revising maths concepts. The book includes warm up and greater depth questions, making them suitable for all abilities whilst providing the opportunity to challenge children further.

You'll also find progress tests throughout the book to keep track of progression and the answers are included for marking.


Scholastic Comprehension Workbook Ages 10-11

This is a lovely workbook to practice comprehension skills. There are a variety of question types and texts. There is a progress chart to keep on track and motivated, plus a simple pictorial review at the bottom of each page to identify areas that your child finds more challenging.

I love how the comprehension skills make up chapters in the books so you know which skill your child is working on and what that looks like. We're often told at parents' evenings or in school reports the areas that our children need to work on, but we don't always know what those terms mean to help our children. This book will solve that problem. Whether it's inference, literal questioning or prediction that your child needs to work on, this book has it all.

Scholastic Spelling and Vocabulary Workbook Ages 10-11

Another great workbook from Scholastic with a range of fun activities that are easy to understand. There is a progress chart, a 'How did you do?' section at the bottom of each page (to help identify areas they are not yet secure in) and the answers are available online for marking.

A great resource for improving spelling and vocabulary skills that is also visually appealing. Your child will be able to practice spelling patterns, suffixes, letter strings, tricky words and root words to name but a few of the topics covered in this workbook.

CGP KS2 Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling The Study Book Ages 7-11

I call this the KS2 SPaG bible as it covers all the spelling, punctuation and grammar topics throughout the whole of KS2, making it perfect for SATs prep but also great value for money! This study book is clear and easy to follow with lots of useful examples and a great range of practice questions to build those essential spelling, punctuation and grammar skills.

Children love these beautifully illustrated books, thanks to their bright and colourful pages, which help to keep children engaged in the materials. You'll find all the key topics from pronouns to clauses and colons to homophones.

Schofield & Sims Grammar and Punctuation 6

My students love these well-structured workbooks. I use these a lot with English students to improve their grammar and punctuation skills. I love how the activities build up from short, brief tasks to more comprehensive questions.

There are revision opportunities at three points in the book as well as three writing tasks which give your child the opportunity to apply the skills they have been practising into a piece of writing.

Please note that answers are available separately in the Teacher's Guide.

Schofield & Sims KS2 Comprehension 4 Year 6

Another great addition from Schofield & Sims. This workbook includes 18 texts with a range of genres and exam-style questions to allow children to apply the comprehension skills they have learned, such as making inferences and literal meaning. The texts are suitable for all genders and children find these workbooks stimulating and engaging.

Please note that answers are available separately in the Teacher's Guide.

Parents, carers and children recognise the importance of Year 6 with upcoming SATs exams and getting ready to transition into secondary school. These books will help prepare your child for their exams and for transitioning into Year 7.

Remember that the best kind of revision is done little and often. Small chunks on a regular basis is more beneficial for retaining information than cramming lots in every once in a while. Our brains need to take in information multiple times before it sticks, so revisiting topics a few times is particularly useful when it comes to revision.

If you are looking for Year 7 book recommendations, check out this blog post here.

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